Appendix II AutoCAD Rel.14 Drawings

My entire collection of Robin Hood 2B drawings are now available as zipped files. To view these drawings, download the zipped files, open with Winzip and select the required AutoCAD file. To read the files you will need a copy of AutoCAD Rel.14. or a .dwg viewer. Many of the drawings, particular the sheet metal parts, have no dimensions, as they are intended to be passed direct to a laser cutting machine. They are however drawn full size in mm. and once loaded into AutoCAD, dimension's can be added as required.

If you do not have AutoCad you can use a .dwg viewer. This allows you to view & print the AutoCad file, but that is all. This file is free and can be obtained via When the page opens it is the box marked FREE .DWG VIEWER Powered by BRAVA! (3rd box down)

My copy shop has had problems reproducing some of these AutoCad files and a solution was found by converting the AutoCad file to a .pdf format. It was then printed in the usual way. In future I hope to offer all these files in a .pdf format

No responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions and the parts are used at your own risk. If in doubt consult the original car designer. These drawings are not copies of original parts but either totally new items, drawings of standard parts modified to suit my own build, or to correct minor errors etc, inevitable in the "fit all" sheet metal parts supplied with kits of this type. Always make a paper or card pattern first, before cutting expensive Stainless Steel.

It has become increasingly difficult to "maintain" the AutoCAD drawings as issues and names change etc, spread as they are throughout the text. All references to AutoCAD drawings have now been removed from the text and relocated in this file. Each section of the Manual is listed below and the drawings relevant to that section are listed within each section. Each drawing entry has a brief description. Before using these drawings check that they are relevant to your car and double check sizes etc. before manufacture. Please remember that these drawings only refer to Robin Hood 2B's in Stainless Steel purchased circa November 2002.

Download the AutoCAD zipped files.

Section I History of the 7 Clones.

No drawings.

Section II Sourcing a Donor Car - Ford Sierra.

No drawings.

Section III Preparation of the Sierra donor Parts.

Alignment.dwg Clutch Pressure Plate alignment tool. Essential.

Lever.dwg Sketch showing the modified Gear Lever.

Diff.dwg Punch used to fit new Half Shaft oil seals and plugs to keep out the dirt.

Section IV Collection of the Robin Hood Kit.

No drawings

Section V Chassis Preparation.

Cut.dwg Gives full details of the amount of metal to remove from the Roll Bar.

Section VI Rear Suspension.

Rear Wheel Taper Shims.dwg These shims are used to bring the rear wheel to the vertical.

Estate.dwg Support plate for the Estate shocks. Not now advised by RHSC'S

Rear Suspension.dwg Details of the modified Rear Suspension.

Section VII Fitting the Floor Pan & Drilling Stainless Steel.

Floor Pan.dwg Detail of the modified 2B floorpan sheet metal.

Section VIII Modified Rear Suspension Fittings.

Mod.dwg This drawing gives a general idea of the Solid replacement for the Sierra Rear Rubbers.

Section IX Fitting the Rear Coil Overs & Front Wishbones.

Wedges.dwg Details of 10deg wedges for the RHE steering rack. Essential due to poor design.

Estate.dwg Plates for fitting Rear Coil Overs to an Estate Rear End. Not now advised by RHE.

Wish.dwg Showing the position of the mounting holes for the Lower Coil Over Trunnion.

Trunnion.dwg Detail of the redesigned Front Coil Over Lower Trunnion in St Steel.

Punch.dwg Full details of the Custom Center Punch & Drill Bush for Upper & Lower Wishbone bracket drilling.

Section X Front Hubs & Disc Brakes.

Camber.dwg Simple Camber setting tool for 15" wheels only. ( Can be adapted as required )

Panel Nut.dwg A suitable nut to reinforce the front panel to hose joints.

Section XI Fitting the Engine & Gearbox assembly

Gearbox.dwg This set of plates makes drilling the holes for the 5 speed gearbox a lot easier.

Alternator Bracket.dwg. A bracket to sling the Alternator under the Steering Shaft.

Section XII Internal Sheet Metalwork.

A full set of AutoCAD rel 14 drawings for all modified sheet parts is available on request 01925 602 759 (

Gear Lever Trim.dwg A simple escutcheon plate that can be filed and polished to set off the lever

Section XIII Pedal Box & Steering assy.

Retainer.dwg This gizmo replaces the rather grotty spring clip on the Sierra Steering column

Column Support .dwg Much improved Steering Column Support Bracket and Bushes.

Pedal Box Bracket.dwg Details of the Pedal Box sheet metal.

Retainer.dwg An adjustable replacment for the Ford Steering Column spire nut.

Section XIV Handbrake and Seat assembly

Seat Bolt.dwg Method of mounting the seat belt to the side chassis.

Cable Retainer,DWG and Cable Support.dwg Simple brackets for handbrake cable support.

Section XV Fuel Tank and Boot.

Delivery Pipe GA.dwg This is a general arrangement of the modified tank to filler flap pipework. ( The RHE supplied unit (2B) does not fit )

Aero Mounting Ring.dwg This is a simple ring that can be made in the Lathe

Tank Flange.dwg Outer delivery pipe flange details

Tank Tapped Ring.dwg Tapped ring for inside the Fuel Tank.

Tank Seal.dwg Rubber seal for tank flange.

Delivery Pipe Detail.dwg Details of the compound pipe sections.

Spare Wheel.dwg Details of a an all stainless steel spare wheel mounting bobbin.

Spare Wheel Carrier assembly DWG Assembly details of Spare Wheel Carrier

Boot Back, Floor, Front, Lid, Sides and Detail.dwg. Full details of a ply boot.

Sender.dwg A new mounting plate for the Fuel Gauge and Delivery pipes.

Section XVI Cooling System.

Fan Circuit.dwg Circuit diagram for the thermostatically operated radiator cooling fan.

Alternative Fan Circuit.dwg A slightly simpler solution to the above circuit.

Capillary Housing.dwg Details of a domestic heating capillary tube housing for insertion into the radiator top hose.

Section XVII Brake Pipes.

Panel Nut.dwg This nut is offered as a method of securing the front hoses to the Nose cone in fill panels.

Flexible Hoses.dwg Shows alternative Braided Stainless Steel Goodrich Hoses with longer threads and correct ends.

Section XVIII Interior and Instruments.

No drawings

Section XIX Bonnet and Firewall & Nosecone

Bonnet.dwg This shows a section through the new Bonnet centerline joint with Alloy "Tee".

Bonnet Drill.dwg and Bonnet Drill 2.dwg This shows suggested drill pitches for the pop rivets on the center joint and bolt pitch on the flanges.

Firewall.dwg A suggested method of Firewall construction giving solid support for Bonnet & Scuttle.

Ply Firewall.dwg A full size sketch of the 19mm Ply Firewall. This is a GUIDE only.

Section XX Exterior Panels

A full set of AutoCAD rel 14 drawings for some exterior sheet parts is available on request 01925 269 439

Section XXI Heater/Demister and Wipers.

Motor Bracket.dwg This is a simple bracket used to mount the Mini wiper motor to the 2B chassis

Wiper Motor Mtg.dwg This is a full size arrangement drawing showing the method of fitting the Mini Wiper Motor assembly.

Wiper Mtg. Arrangement.dwg More Mini Wiper Detail

Section XXII Wiring & Electronics

Battery Platform.dwg Details of battery mount.

Air Horn Wiring.dwg Air Horn Wiring Diagram with Relay & Compressor.

Battery Tray.dwg More battery details

Conduit Nut.dwg Details of a suggested end fitting for the chrome headlamp wiring conduit.

Section XXIII Wheels and Tyres

No drawings

Section XXIV The Windscreen

Windscreen Pillars.dwg Detail of the modified Windscreen pillars

Section XXV The SVA Test.

No drawings

Section XXVI Front and Rear Mudguards

Nearside Rear Wheel Spacer.dwg See text.

Mudguard Mtg.dwg Proposed method of mounting Cycle Type Mudguards

Extension Tube.dwg Drawing of Mudguard tube extensions with "P" clip groove.

Download the AutoCAD zipped files.

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