Keil Kraft Super 60 Notes

The Keil Kraft Super 60 first appeared in 1961 and was not 60" span but 63" or for the metric brain 1600mm. This was a modernized version of Albert Hatfull's Junior 60. Designed as a trainer it was a single function rudder only model, very much along the lines of my Rudder Bug. Other similar designs have appeared over the years but later models have much less dihedral and full span ailerons and now run to 5 digital servo's, 2.4Ghz radio and superb batteries. How times and technology have changed. This totally redrawn version is more or less identical to the original design but has ailerons operated by two servo's. This makes control more flexible as "differential aileron" is easily obtained on modern transmitters. This model is ideally suited to Vintage events, usually with the ailerons disconnected to comply with vintage rules. The wing is so simple you could even build two at the same time. One without ailerons and a modern version. This is an ideal model to potter about as it almost flies itself.

Construction is very straightforward and the 2 full size plans can be run off by your local copy shop if required. Just tell them it is full size, metric on A0 paper. The wing is so simple a plan can be dispensed with. It is basically a rectangle with equi-spaced ribs.

Download Super 60 Sheet 1.pdf

Download Super 60 Sheet 2.pdf

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